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As you know, water is expensive and in short supply in San Diego County. Worse yet, as outlined in this article from the San Diego Union Tribune, water rates are going to rise significantly very soon:


Our team at Greenridge Landscape Inc. are experts in transforming your landscaping to a drip irrigation system and drought tolerant plants that thrive in each microclimate in San Diego County.

When water was less expensive and more plentiful, drip irrigation was not as important as it is today in drought riddled San Diego. Today, we use Netafim drip irrigation to deliver water to the root zone. This cuts water usage by, conservatively, 30-50% over traditional sprinklers. Spray heads are great for lawns, but irrigating plant beds is best accomplished by drip irrigation.

For upgrades, sprinklers are removed and capped at or below grade. Tubing is meticulously weaved as close to the ground as possible and stapled where applicable. All zones have a filter and pressure reducer installed inline and all systems have automatic flush valves installed into green surface boxes for easy maintenance. The result is a Grade A installation.

Greenridge Landscape Inc. also covers your drip irrigation installation with a thick layer of fresh bark. Water from your new drip irrigation system is delivered to your plants underneath the bark which acts as a barrier that is not only attractive, but greatly reduces evaporation. Keeping more water on the ground means more water to your plants and more money in your pocket.

In terms of maintanence, drip systems have automatic flush valves and are basically low maintenance. Spray pop up sprinklers typically wear out in 8-12 years at a cost of $10.00 - $21.00 to replace depending on size. That can really add up.

Another plus, as of this writing, is the water authority allows the running of drip systems with NO restrictions on water days and cycle times. The result is a healthier and more lush landscape presentation.

A Recent Example

The following is an audit that was done in 2014 for a commercial installation based on just 7 irrigation zones out of their 41.

Zone Gallons Used
With Spray
Gallons Used
With Netafim
Gal. Saved $ Saved % Saved
2 46,753 35,336 11,417 $128 24%
3 45,021 26,936 18,085 $203 40%
4 27,181 21,633 5,548 $62 30%
7 38,319 16,167 22,152 $249 58%
8 22,464 14,550 7,914 $89 35%
9 17,784 11,544 6,240 $70 35%
17 26,957 13,623 13,334 $150 50%
Total 224,479 139,791 84,690 $951.00  

Total Audit Summary: Average Savings = 39% or 12,098 gallons per year. This is an approximate projection and was calculated by flow rate charts provided by Rainbird and Netafim.

Please see the Netafim drip irrigation brochure for more information on their products.

Netafim™ Drip Irrigation Products Save Water

Netafim™ is our product of choice for all of our drip irrigation projects throughout San Diego County. Netafim™ offers top-quality solutions to saving water in our dry San Diego climate.

This revolutionary new drip line is turning heads and winning awards, including the People's Choice Award in the New Product Contest at the 1016 Landscape Irrigation Show.

You'll get the longest lasting root intrusion protection because Cupron™ copper oxide is infused into the material used to make the emitter. No washing off, wearing off, or leaching out of of the copper used in the emitter, even after years of use. The high check valve also holds back 8.5 feet of water, making it great on slopes.

In our experience, Netafim™ is the product you can count on from the global leader in drip irrigation and water conservation solutions.

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